Windsurfing is a sport that you don’t stop learning. There is no moment were you can’t become better. Every time you go on the water You can learn something new. From beginner to winner, it can be something about the conditions, the gear or the movement. It’s a never-ending learning process. This is what inspired me, ‘’ I’m a „movement addict“.  If I don’t know how a move has to be performed, I analyse it, try it over and over again until I hit it.

It’s a process of learning – you can only learn if you move!

If you want to practice with me and progress in your windsurfing level sign in for the clinics, workshops or book a private lesson on requested date.

Let’s create a personal program that guides you through all the steps no matter your level.

Whatever your preferable discipline: Wanna be fast? Learn to be faster! Wanna jump high or do freestyle? Spin around and get coached directly on the water. Or are you scared to do your first forwards? Let’s do it together!

Price List

  • Private lessons for all ages, and all levels, all disciplines. From beginner to pro. Tacks, jibes, beach & water start till most advanced freestyle moves
  • Workshop: Windsurf experience workshop. coaching on style & techniques. All levels, all ages, all disciplines. From beginner to pro included video analyzes.
  • Week courses: Fixed multi day price. Based on prices per person, per hour and travel costs. Contact for more specific info.
Private Session 1 Person 2 Hours 80,00 €
Workshop 2 – 6 Persons 3 Hours 50,00 € p.p.
Week Course Multi Days individual
  • Clinics, workshops & camps organized by Davy Scheffers or by/in cooperation with 3rd parties. See in the „Tour“ Section for fresh Dates.

If you have different requests (lesson package; family package) don’t hesitate to contact me too.